The Way I Spend My Days!

I am Nahid paiman. I am 16 years old and I finished 11th grad at Marefat High School which is a non-governmental school run by a council of the community. MHS has a board of trustees comprised of influential figures from across the community. I am honoured that my father is one of the members of the board.  A number of committed and dedicated personalities of the community have built the school and have helped hundreds of girls such as mine to get knowledge.

I live with my family comprised of my father, my mother, my sister and my four brothers. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. My sister and my three brothers are also students of Marefat. The environment of our house is lovely and full of kind words. My father has never let us be sad and worried. We enjoy having free time together so that we can talk with my father about our country and our problems. Especially I like to talk with my father about the bad situation of the women and girls of my country who are in a bad condition and still suffering from both tribal and fanatical prejudices and discriminations. I try to bring a change in the life and fate of my fellow women. This is why that most of my free times are spent in studying books and debating with my friends about the future and our role to bring a change in our destiny.

I have good friends at school. We always work together and help each other to figure out the problems of the lessons and finding their solutions. I love helping my classmates.

I am an artist too. My great interest is drawing pictures. I learned painting in Marefat art class. Some of my works have been sold in the exhibitions or in the art auctions in the Camp of the American army based in the eastern part of Kabul.

I love my lessons and other books; especially story and history books. Apart from my lessons and art activities, I do a lot of works at home too. I help my mother in the house works. We don’t have scheduled chore, but I usually wash the dishes and clothes, make the dinner and sweep the rooms and the yard.

In the school, I like scientific subjects and I want to be a medical doctor in the future. This is my dream. I cannot see a person in pain and trouble. I want to remedy the patients and I want every person be healthy. In a word, I want to be a useful person for my people and my country in the future.

This year, I got a scholarship for a visit in Japan. It was for then days and I enjoyed a lot. I went to the school, museums, different cities, and etc. I have written my memoires and it is published in Marefat site.


A typical day in my life

After Morning Prayer, I serve the breakfast and look at the timetable and study the important parts of the subjects. then I go to school early in the morning and return home at around 12 noon. In the afternoon, I am free and normally I study the lessons and draw pictures. I help my mother in the house works and take care of my youngest brother. Sometimes I meet my friends either in my home or somewhere. At night I help my sister and my brother in their lessons and we watch TV. Normally I go to bed at 10 o’clock. 






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