The way I live!

December 25, 2008


My name is Abuzar Royesh. I am too delighted and honoured to participate in the useful program of YES. I think this program has a lot of advantages for me and all others who will be selected. This program will function as a bridge to join two cultures and help us get a better impression from each other. We can improve our knowledge as well as share our experiences. After the fall of the Taliban brutal regime, we are acquainted with Americans. They helped us getting rid of the Taliban and still they are helping us building our country. I think when I go to America, I will get a better picture from this country, especially I will know how they could build such a glorious country in less than three centuries. Our country is in its initial stage of progress. So we can use from the great experiences of the American people and adopt them to the realities of our own country. In this way, we can have a positive role in the betterment of our country.

Something more about myself: I was born in Ghazni, a province in the southern part of Afghanistan. I was only two years old when the Taliban got the control of Afghanistan and my family was forced to flee and migrate to Pakistan. My father started to teach me by telling fake but imaginative stories when I was hardly able to speak. I can say that he taught me everything through these stories: how to behave, how to speak, how to walk, and so on. I was only five when I was able to read nearly all sorts of story books in Persian. He also taught me English in an interesting way: he used to tell me stories in Farsi but he used simple works of English mixed in the Farsi sentences. It did not take me a long time when I and my older sister began to read the Alice in Wonderland. We had a Persian translation of that interesting book at home and my fathers helped us reading the original book in English and compare it with the Persian. I was only 6 years old when my father took me to school. I was enrolled in grade 3 after a short exam by the principal.

One year later I was forced to take a vacation, because I was too small to go to grade 4. I was not happy, but they deceived me. They sent me to Afghanistan and when I returned back the term had passed. However, I finished grad 4 in Pakistan.

One evening I was watching PTV (the Pakistan Television) when I saw the attack on Twin Towers. I was shocked. All the members of the family rushed to watch TV. I heard them saying lots words, and my father was speculating about the event and we were all listening to him.

About six months later, our family got the preparation to return to Afghanistan. Every one was full of enthusiasm. I had come to Afghanistan with my grandfather when the Taliban were in control of every thing. I fully remembered the fear and scares of that time. In remembered the frightening faces of the Taliban on the streets and on the roads. But now I was told that the Taliban had gone and Afghanistan was free.

I had never come to Kabul, the capital of our country. I lived in Islamabad and Peshawar for many years. I was acquainted with the electricity, car, asphalted roads, TV, telephone, and many other modern instruments. In Kabul, every thing was otherwise. The roads were not more than ruins. The buildings were smashed. The people were slim and hopeless.  No electricity, no school, no clean water. I could hardly believe my eyes. Especially it was much worse when our vehicle entered to the West of Kabul. My father told me that this part of the city had been the battlefield for more than three years. I felt that I was entering a damned area.

Anyway, as soon as we settled in our muddy rented house, my father took me and my sister to the school. It was the same school that I used to go in Pakistan. They had shifted that to Afghanistan and started their works in a bombed house with only four classrooms. I went to grad 5.

The situation changed rapidly in Kabul. The people started to rebuild everything with great effort and hope. I started painting in my school art gallery just when it was opened. It was 2005. I started from colour pencil and after a short time of working, I reached to oil painting. So far I have produced many art works and a lot of them are sold in the art exhibitions held by the school and also in three auctions in the Camp of American soldiers in Kabul. Painting is my favourite hobby and I love working with the oil colours and brush.

In 2007 I started Tea-Kwon-Do. I am going to the club even when I have my exams. I was a very short boy but Tea-Kwon-Do helped me getting much taller than I had expected. I am resolved to continue my practice for the whole course of my life.

This year I passed 11th grad and I got the second position in the class. The boy who beat me is no older than me, but he is really a brilliant student and tries a lot. We are close friends too.

This year Mrs. Janet Brongers (a teacher of the American University of Afghanistan) launched an English reading circle in our school. I participated in the program. It was very interesting and beneficial. I got a lot of understanding about American society and American way of life in this program. Especially, Mrs. Janet’s personality caught me a lot.  She changed lots of things in my mind.

As soon as I was informed about the YES program I participated in the exams and passed the two initial stages. I passed the interview and got the application form. I am really excited to write this note and I feel it would be another big opening in my life if I get the chance to be selected.

I feel myself responsible to do lots of things for my people and my country. The wartimes have badly affected the hearts and minds of my people. Violence, culture of hatred, discriminations, fanaticism, and many sorts of corruptions are the offspring of the 25 years war and unrest in my country. I think my people need a movement to help them reshape their minds and attitudes. The people need to get confidence in their future. They need good politicians and good leaders. I want to be one of those who will salvage the people.  This is the reason that I am eager to get knowledge and be a reliable person for my people. I am sure that  some days my dreams will be realised.

Something more about my character:

I am 14 years old and I am a happy and a little curious and extrovert boy. I like lessons, sports, painting, studying books and walking and talking with the friends. I have read tens of story and history books, which I love. I am interested in sports like chess, badminton, tea-kwon-do, and soccer. I like soft music especially Indian one and I also like watching films on TV. I have never gone to cinema.

I have a lot of friends: some of them from the school, some of them from the art gallery and some of them my relatives. I usually go to my friends’ home and they also come to my home. My friends are enjoying different types so they have different expectations from me, and me too. I have an intellectual family comprised of 17 members. I have two uncles, three cousins and also four sisters and one small lovely brother. My uncles are married and we are living together with the grandfather and grandmother. We share the house works. I am doing sundry like buying necessary things for the house, taking the messages to the relatives and etc. My father and my uncles are teacher.

The interesting moment of our life is the meal time. We are speaking about every thing: our country, politics, school, our own family works, etc. and we enjoy chatting, sitting and doing the works together.


A typical day in my life

I normally wake up early in the morning. Then I wash my hands and face and perform the prayer. I serve breakfast together with the family. Then I make a quick review of my lessons and get ready for the school. Normally, I spend 4 hours at school taking three classes for three subjects daily. I return home at noon, and then eat the lunch.

After the lunch I do sundry works like doing the homework, reviewing the lessons, reading story books, and sometimes going to bazaar. Occasionally I go to my friends’ home too. Every day at 3pm I go to the art gallery and do painting. I also help the newcomer students in their practices. At 6 o’clock in the evening I return home and get ready for the lessons of the next day. I usually read three to four lessons ahead of my actual point.  This manner helps me being acquainted with the lessons in the class and perceives them by the explanation of the teacher.

Every night, after I finish my ordinary chores, I watch TV and sometimes check my emails. I go to bed at 10 o’clock.

By the way, I go to the Tea-kwon-Do club three days a week. The normal time of the practice is early in the morning.


The Way I Spend My Days!

December 24, 2008

I am Nahid paiman. I am 16 years old and I finished 11th grad at Marefat High School which is a non-governmental school run by a council of the community. MHS has a board of trustees comprised of influential figures from across the community. I am honoured that my father is one of the members of the board.  A number of committed and dedicated personalities of the community have built the school and have helped hundreds of girls such as mine to get knowledge.

I live with my family comprised of my father, my mother, my sister and my four brothers. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. My sister and my three brothers are also students of Marefat. The environment of our house is lovely and full of kind words. My father has never let us be sad and worried. We enjoy having free time together so that we can talk with my father about our country and our problems. Especially I like to talk with my father about the bad situation of the women and girls of my country who are in a bad condition and still suffering from both tribal and fanatical prejudices and discriminations. I try to bring a change in the life and fate of my fellow women. This is why that most of my free times are spent in studying books and debating with my friends about the future and our role to bring a change in our destiny.

I have good friends at school. We always work together and help each other to figure out the problems of the lessons and finding their solutions. I love helping my classmates.

I am an artist too. My great interest is drawing pictures. I learned painting in Marefat art class. Some of my works have been sold in the exhibitions or in the art auctions in the Camp of the American army based in the eastern part of Kabul.

I love my lessons and other books; especially story and history books. Apart from my lessons and art activities, I do a lot of works at home too. I help my mother in the house works. We don’t have scheduled chore, but I usually wash the dishes and clothes, make the dinner and sweep the rooms and the yard.

In the school, I like scientific subjects and I want to be a medical doctor in the future. This is my dream. I cannot see a person in pain and trouble. I want to remedy the patients and I want every person be healthy. In a word, I want to be a useful person for my people and my country in the future.

This year, I got a scholarship for a visit in Japan. It was for then days and I enjoyed a lot. I went to the school, museums, different cities, and etc. I have written my memoires and it is published in Marefat site.


A typical day in my life

After Morning Prayer, I serve the breakfast and look at the timetable and study the important parts of the subjects. then I go to school early in the morning and return home at around 12 noon. In the afternoon, I am free and normally I study the lessons and draw pictures. I help my mother in the house works and take care of my youngest brother. Sometimes I meet my friends either in my home or somewhere. At night I help my sister and my brother in their lessons and we watch TV. Normally I go to bed at 10 o’clock. 

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