Head’s Statement

mareftimarefat1A Message From The Head Teacher

At Marefat High School, we strive for excellence in all we do and we have a clear, commonly held vision of what we are here to achieve.

Our children are well cared for and every effort is made to promote their educational development and achievement. Hard work and progress are top of the agenda for everyone. We want every child to be successful, to aim for success from the very first day they join us and throughout their school career so that when they leave us, they do so with the best results they can achieve, fully prepared to continue their development in Higher Education or employment.

We recognise the importance of our role in helping to shape the character and attitudes of every child. We work with parents to instil good manners and respect for others so that Marefat  pupils can make a positive impact on their local communities.

Of course, success can only be achieved in an atmosphere of purposeful work. When you visit the School, you will soon see how committed we are to maintaining an ordered and disciplined environment in which pupils can focus on successful learning. Our most recent OFSTED inspection in September 2008 noted that “good relationships and teachers’ expertise in their subjects ensure that pupils make steady progress” and that “at Key Stage 4, the school’s results have been rising at a good rate since 2001.”

The needs of individual pupils are paramount and the School recognises that teaching must be tailored to address those individual needs. OFSTED commented that “the School supports its vulnerable pupils particularly well; those with learning difficulties and disabilities are fully integrated in all the School’s activities.” Our expanding curriculum is providing pupils with an increasing range of choices at Key Stage 4.

Marefat High School is undoubtedly a large school, but ‘large’ certainly doesn’t mean ‘impersonal’. Our pastoral system, arranged into four Houses, was acknowledged by OFSTED to be a “particular strength, ensuring that all pupils in this very large school feel safe and say they have adults who know them well.”

It is the commitment, expertise and professionalism of our highly-qualified teaching staff that make Marefat High School what it is. The School is committed to continuing its investment in the recruitment, retention and development of the best teachers and support staff as it is only through them that we can deliver the best results for our pupils, their parents and the wider community.

We aim to foster effective working relationships between the School and parents who support the School’s high expectations of behaviour, attendance, hard work and commitment to achievement. We are also working hard to build sustained and mutually beneficial links between the School, community groups, local industry and the city’s Higher Education institutions.

Whether you are considering applying for your child to join the School or you are applying to join our large team of dedicated staff, I look forward to receiving your application and to the opportunity in working with you to further the success of our School and our pupils.



One Response to Head’s Statement

  1. Maruf says:

    Dear Marefat Team salam

    I am really proud of you, specialy Ustad Royesh is doig very well, I wish we had more hard working people like him in our society,

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